Understanding custom garments and having a custom garment tailored sometimes raises many questions. We have created this list of frequently asked questions and responses in order to assist you with some of your concerns. If you do not see your questions, no worries! Please visit our Instagram and send us a message with your concern ( Feel free to give us a follow while you're there!).



How may I create a custom order? Please message us on Instagram or email nakedmuseteam@gmail.com with your name, date you need your garment, inspiration pictures and your budget. We will follow up with your request within 1-2 business days. 

Why does a custom garment cost so much more than similar garments from retails stores or online boutiques? A custom garment is tailored to fit your body's measurements to create a special it for you. Unlike large retailers or fast fashion brands, custom garments are created by one designer, who is responsible for selecting your special fabrics for your custom, creating a custom pattern specially cut for you, spending delicate time stitching and constructing your garment, as well as proper finishing and shipping of your garment to you. A lot of time and a attention is put into your garment and we can not produce custom or custom quality at a mass production rate. 

I see an item I like but it is not in my size. Can I order it custom? We strive our best to keep a variety of fabric selections on hand to suit your personal needs, however, with COVID-19 still ongoing, it is sometimes difficult to meet this demand. Please message us on Instagram or email us at nakedmuseteam@gmail.com and we will do our best to suit your needs. 

Can I bring my own fabric? All fabric must be purchased by the designer to assure quality and fabric match the desired look. You are able to see your fabric before it is purchased. 

Can I see my garment as it is being made? There may be sneak peeks or short videos made of the designer preparing your garment for social media purposes, however the finished product will not be posted until after you special date. In no normal circumstance will the designer FaceTime, send pictures or videos of any media of the unfinished product to the client nor anyone else. 

What is your Instagram? @shopnakedmuse

How long does shipping take? Products are shipped within 1-2 business days, after confirmation of processing. Shipping can be delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions within the postal service system.

Do you take returns/exchanges? We do not accept returns or exchanges. If there is a defect with a product, please message us on Instagram or email nakedmuseteam@gmail.com.

Any other questions or inquiries? Please visit our Instagram or email us at nakedmuseteam@gmail.com. Thank you.